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Don’t let your clients or the competition define who you are

3 Steps to Getting Control over Your Online Reputation

3 Steps to a better Online Reputation

Buffer You’ve spent years becoming an expert.  You’ve worked hard to gain the respect of your peers.  You’ve served your clients well and you’ve earned your good name and reputation.  Then with one negative review on an online site and suddenly the phones don’t ring as much.  Everything you’ve worked so hard to build is… Well, not going so well.Read the Rest…

Business need to look to people to understand the best way to grow a practice and loyalty

How to Grow a Practice One Relationship at a Time

5 STages of Relationships

Buffer Psychologist Mark Knapp developed the most widely accepted model that describes the rise and fall of relationships in 10 stages.  Today I want to share the first 5 stages that describe how we form interpersonal relationships and what they tell us about how to grow a practice. What I find interesting is how closely it mirrors a consumer’s decisionRead the Rest…