Traditional Marketing Is...
Expensive, Unpredictable, Useless, Difficult, Time Consuming, Painful

Strategic Marketing is...
Bold, Organized, Focused, Consistent, Cost-Effective, Flexible, Fun

Work with us to design, build, and implement your Marketing Strategy

About National Strategic Group

Our research focuses on understanding consumer behavior. Our consulting practice combines this thorough understanding with best practices of the world’s most successful companies.

We believe there is are distinct differences between simply spending money on advertising and strategic marketing. We focus on results with our strategies and measure success each step of the way.

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Our Approach to Business

You can’t simply take outdated tools (yellow pages) and replace them with new ones (Websites, Pay-per-Click, Social Media). Approaching business growth the way you did years ago just doesn’t work anymore.

Consumers in today’s marketplace have made it clear that they want to do business with people they know, trust and with whom they share common values. They don’t want to feel like another transaction or a number in a line. If your marketing strategies aren’t aligned with how your customers will buy, you might as well be invisible.

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Custom Consulting Services

We’ll never take on a client we can’t help. Or, put a different way, we can only take on clients when we’re confident that we can help them. So, before we can offer you an opportunity to work with us, we have to learn more about your business.

Every engagement must start with a Client Interview. Our analysis will dive deep into your current business model, your marketing, your industry, your position, pricing… and of course your future opportunities. Until we’ve spoken to the stakeholders, evaluated current suppliers, and completed adequate market research – the interview is not complete.

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Meet Your New Strategy Team

Eugene is a visionary strategist and an entrepreneur. In addition to his own business portfolio, he advises clients in building creative and truly effective strategies. One of Eugene’s most sought after skills is the ability to understand the real potential in any company and help leverage the unique resources or skills of that company to reach the potential. Eugene has degrees in Business, Psychology and Economics – as well as business holdings in Health, Wellness, Real Estate, Management, Transportation, Capital Funding, among others Learn More