National Strategic Group announces launch of small business education website, Business Strategy Lab

Business Strategy Lab

CLEVELAND, Ohio – February 14, 2013 – Cleveland-area business growth consultants National Strategic Group announced the launch of the Business Strategy Lab™ (BSL) which is set for February 19, 2013.  The BSL is an education website designed to help small businesses achieve predictable and profitable growth.

“This launch is two years in the making,” said National Strategic Group partner Roman Jakubowycz.  “The Business Strategy Lab™ is the only tool of its kind that helps entrepreneurs through the development of a strategy, mindset and tactics necessary for small business growth.”

Subscribers will be guided through the fundamentals of strategic marketing with an introductory Boot Camp.  After the Boot Camp, they can receive more advanced training based on the company’s Key Marketing Moments Framework, and then training on the latest marketing concepts as the marketing industry and its technology continue to evolve.

According to Jakubowycz and National Strategic Group partner Eugene Shatsman, the BSL is based on their original growth formula, Evolve To Grow™, their research into the consumer decision making process and their Key Marketing Moments Framework.  Shatsman also emphasizes the importance of their research into the psychology behind human buying behavior.

“This is a key component in giving small businesses an edge,” said Shatsman.  “Our psychology insight will help business owners frame their company in a way that’s more appealing to their specific target market.”

Shatsman goes on to explain that in addition to the foundation in consumer behavior, users will have a stronger understanding of small business marketing options.

“Ultimately, entrepreneurs will better understand the unique strengths and realities of small business marketing, which will give them an edge in the marketplace,” added Shatsman.

The three components of Business Strategy Lab include:

  •  The Boot Camp – an introduction to the fundamentals of strategic marketing.
  • Advanced Training – hwo to use the Key Marketing Moments Framework to move the customer towards a buying decision.
  • The Vault – a resource center that continues to build on marketing concepts.

To learn more about the Business Strategy Lab you can watch this short free video.

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